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If you are a presenter at TCT, please take note of the following:


Please use the TCT template when preparing your presentation. Note that the template includes guidelines for citations and a slide for speaker disclosures.


Without express permission of CRF, the TCT logo or any part of it may not be used on any non-TCT materials including but not limited to websites, publications, signs, fliers, etc. that did not originate from or were not developed by CRF. In addition, no entity may imply either directly or indirectly that it is in any way affiliated with TCT without the express written permission of CRF. Product promotion that implies CRF endorsement and/or use of the CRF logo without the written consent of CRF is also prohibited.


Your moderated poster presentation must be a one page digital PDF File 33” Tall x 55” Wide (landscape format) and at 72 dpi ONLY. Only PDF files (and NOT PPT or JPEG files) can be accommodated – no exceptions. You will have 7 minutes to present the Moderated Poster, followed by a 5-minute discussion moderated by faculty.

To more effectively communicate the main message from your poster, we have adopted an innovative format for the Moderated Posters. The essence of this format is as follows:

1) ~60% of the entire slide, the central portion, is taken up by a single Central Figure or Table in a colored box with the main conclusion of the abstract underneath.

2) The margins hold supporting material -- abbreviated text to the left of the Central Figure/Table and other tables/figures to the right of the Central Figure/Table.

A sample of a typical poster in this format is shown here:

There will be a large screen that will display your poster. You will use a touch screen tablet (provided on-site) to highlight, expand, contract, and move among areas of the digital poster. The functionality is similar to using a tablet (for example, an iPAD) or a smartphone. Expect the presentation to be interactive. Please note this is a digital poster presentation. Do not print your poster.

Slide templates and How to convert PPT to PDF and check/change the resolution:

How to check your resolution:

How to change the resolution:

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